Valerius has an active board and various committees who work together to find the music we can play and to organize the concerts and activities. Also new members are welcome to join one of the committees. We are always looking for enthusiastic, active members.


Bob-Willem van Hooft – President
Geordie Bregman – Vice President
Noortje Berendsen – Secretary
Sean O’Hare – Treasurer
Lydeke Roos – General board member

Music Committee

Jacob Grüter – Librarian
Matthijs Wiegant
Geordie Bregman
Sophie van der Wal
Arne Visser

Chief strings

Anneke Arlar

Chief winds and percussion

Maya Kruijt

Committee to attract new members

Noortje Berendsen
Anneke Arlar
Jacob Grüter
Meike Woudstra

Friends of Valerius Committee

Bob-Willem van Hooft
Marjon Stijntjes
Ruben van Heerden

PR committee

Matthijs Wiegant
Lydeke Roos
Marjon van Strien
Jorieke de Vet

Party committee

Marjon van Strien
Noortje Berendsen
Lydeke Roos
Ricardo Rolvink
Inge Loonen